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Designed for the
High Risk Industry

Logik serves high risk businesses with the
 tools they need to thrive and grow

About Us

Logik Payments was founded by a group of business professionals who saw the recurring issue of payment processing gimmicks being sold to dispensary owners and other high risk businesses. They have been sold lies which have resulted in their money being held up, lost, and confiscated by authorities for years.

We set out on the mission to find and produce working solutions that are reliable and engineered specifically for the High Risk Industry. We pride ourselves and our products on being the industry standard which has lasted the test of time. Gimmicks come and go, leaving dispensaries with losses, while our products help dispensaries make more money.

Our Services

Grow sales and increase conversions by offering more payment options


High Risk friendly bank accounts.

Payment Processing

In store credit/debit card processing and online payments for delivery and pickup.

ATM Services

Full service machine installation, maintenance, and cash management.

CPA / Bookkeeping

Services ranging from an interim CFO, full time bookkeeper, or a CPA.

CFO, CPA, Bookkeeping Services

– Tax Preparation & Planning
– Business Structuring & Finance
– Audit & Assurance Services
– Financial Operations
– Interim CFO

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